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Nov 2023 Limited Edition

  • Limited Edition Glico Pocky Festive Delight. Share happiness! Mixed Berry Macaron Flavour with Real Berries & Natural Colour. It’s the time to spread happiness and joy to the people around you. Let’s share the love and enjoyment with Pocky Festive Delight!
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Apr 2023 Limited Edition

  • Limited Edition Glico Pocky Sunshine Paradise. Peach Lychee & Elderflowers Flavour with Real Peach. Share happiness! Pocky. Perfect harmony of peach, lychee and elderflowers flavour cream and crispy biscuit stick to share happiness with family and friends.
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Happy Lunar New Year 2023

Happy Lunar New Year Pocky Gift Pack

423g consist of :-

3 Pkgs Pocky Chocolate

3 Pkgs Pocky Strawberry

1 Pkg Pocky Cookies & Cream

1 Pkg Pocky Milky Matcha

1 Pkg Pocky Wholesome Chocolate Almond with Real Almond Bits

1 Pkg Pocky Wholesome Blueberry Yoghurt with Real Blueberry Bits

1 Pocky Silicone Straw

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Nov 2022 Limited Edition

  • Limited Edition Happiness Flavour. It’s the time of the year to spread joy and holiday cheer to the people who mean the most to you. Enjoy and share happiness with your loved ones with Pocky Happiness! Made with Green Apple flavour dipped in cheerful-looking coloured sprinkles.